Celize is specialized in large format display communication. Our company delivers turn-key solutions to construction sites, historical landmarks, point of sales and brands.

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Enhance the value of your brand through large format communication. Share your values and maintain your business profitable.



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Celize team manages the entire project from the idea to the deployment. We are focused on your needs by listening and adapting your demands to the physical constrains.

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Date 22/02/2016
dress-up-decorative-four-seasons-hotel-george-v Four Seasons Hôtel George V construction site dress up   A few steps away from the Champs Elysées, the presigious Four Seasons Hotel George V is building two beautiful orangeries onto its patio. Pradeau Morin, in charge of the project, appoints Celize to setup a unique decorative dressup to value up the patio and avoid any annoyance.   A humongous decorative dress-up   The full project was conceived in partnership with Pradeau Morin and PYR, interior design company specialized...

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