A few steps away from the Champs Elysées, the presigious Four Seasons Hotel George V is building two beautiful orangeries onto its patio. Pradeau Morin, in charge of the project, appoints Celize to setup a unique decorative dressup to value up the patio and avoid any annoyance.

A humongous decorative dress-up

The full project was conceived in partnership with Pradeau Morin and PYR, interior design company specialized in luxury hotels.

Onto the patio, Celize setup 2 large temporary mirrors of 180 m2 each reflecting the unique and exceptional architecture of the hotel. Hence fading away the inner orangery work.

To cover up the upper part, Celize deploys a garden “à la française” canvas. The view from each room is kept glamorous during the entire work period.

Exceptionl trompe l'oeil decoration

Adorn with paintings and furnishings from the XIXth century, the gallery is at the heart and soul of the hotel. This emblematic space is also impacted by the work.

A temporary partition is setup in the gallery to hide the orangery work. To maintain the unique atmosphere of the place, Celize recreates a “trompe l’oeil” on a canvas representing the actual inner architecture.

The canvas is softly installed on the overall surface of the temporary wall and is fully integrated within the inner décor.